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Overview of the Evidence for Probiotics in Cats and Dogs

I have written about the subject of probiotics several times before, and this is one of the most interesting and active areas of research in scientific veterinary medicine. Unfortunately, probiotics are also illustrative of the unreliability of unregulated veterinary health … Continue reading

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Probiotics in Horses

I’ve written frequently about probiotics, microorganisms given as supplements to hopefully benefit health.  Often claimed as an “alternative” therapy, probiotics are really no different from any therapy in science-based medicine. The theory behind their use is certainly consistent with established … Continue reading

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Veterinary Probiotics: Sloppy Labeling and Poor Quality Control

Probiotics are one of the therapies I frequently discuss here that I suspect may actually have some benefit(1, 2), though the evidence does not currently support routine clinical use. However, as with most herbal remedies, supplements, and nutraceuticals, a lack … Continue reading

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Encouraging studies on probiotics for canine diarrhea

I have written about probiotics previously (in general, for herpsvirus in cats, and some of the overhyping and quackery associated with them), and in general I have been cautiously optimistic about their potential, while criticizing claims that go beyond the … Continue reading

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Primal Defense-An example of why I am suspicious of probiotics.

For those who have read what I have previously written about probiotics, you’ll know that I am cautiously optimistic about their potential usefulness as a medical therapy, despite the tendency towards overstating the results of the limited clinical trials so … Continue reading

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Probiotics for Herpesvirus Rhinitis

I’ve written before on the subject of probiotics, bacteria or yeast fed to people or animals with the intent of affecting health in some way. I consider them to be in a bit of a gray zone between mainstream medicine … Continue reading

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Veterinary Probiotics

What is it?   A widely used definition of probiotics is “Live microbes that, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.” The basic idea is that all animals have a great number and variety of … Continue reading

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Veterinary Practice News Evidence-based Medicine Column

Last summer, I was asked to take over the Evidence-based Medicine Column (previous the Alternative Medicine Column) in the trade magazine Veterinary Practice News from Dr. Narda Robinson. This was an excellent opportunity to  illustrate the principles and techniques of … Continue reading

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Canine Nutrigenomics by Dr. Jean Dodds: Science as Windowdressing

Introduction A number of readers have asked me to review a recent book on canine nutrition: Canine Nutrigenomics: The New Science of Feeding Your Dog for Optimum Health The book has two authors. One is Diana Laverdure, a self-described “canine … Continue reading

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Science Through the Looking Glass- The Integrative Veterinary Care Journal

While much of so-called complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), also referred to by the latest marketing buzzword “integrative medicine,” is clearly inconsistent in theory and practice with science and science-based medicine, nevertheless practitioners of CAM like to assume the trappings … Continue reading

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