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The Bell Tolls for Resveratrol

Only the most dedicated followers of this blog are likely to remember this (are there any?), but way back in 2009, I first wrote about resveratrol in an article about supplements for cognitive dysfunction and brain aging in dogs. My … Continue reading

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Evidence Update-Data for Resveratrol and Antioxidants Not Looking Good

At the very beginning of this blog in 2009, I wrote about a compound called resveratrol. I concluded at that time that it was “promising but unproven.” I subsequently reported on a scandal in which a key researcher studying this … Continue reading

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Evidence Update: Resveratrol

In the first year of this blog, I wrote about a supplement called resveratrol, calling it “a promising but unproven compound.” Last year, I reported on a scandal in which a major researcher of resveratrol retracted over 100 research articles … Continue reading

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Resveratrol–Still Promising and Unproven, and Now With its Own Scandal

Quite some time ago, I wrote about the substance resveratrol as an ingredient in a nutraceutical intended to treat canine cognitive dysfunction. Here was my conclusion at the time: Resveratrol is a chemical extracted from grapes that has been touted … Continue reading

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CellBIO: Another Dubious Lab Test from Hemopet and Dr. Jean Dodds

Dr. Jean DoddsI have, unfortunately, had to write about Dr. Jean Dodds many times over the years. She has undergone a depressing transformation from a pioneer in transfusion medicine to a shameless promoter of dubious or bogus alternative medical ideas. … Continue reading

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Antioxidants for Pets- It’s Complicated

The subject of anti-oxidants comes up fairly often on this blog. This is largely because the oxidation and free-radicals are often viewed as fundamentally destructive forces responsible for aging and many types of illness, and preventing the malign effects of … Continue reading

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More Evidence Antioxidants May Increase Cancer Risk

I’ve written before about why the near magical status of antioxidant supplements, supposed to be miraculous in preventing or treating disease and aging, is inconsistent with science and not supported by good evidence. Antioxidants in general, and specific supplements like … Continue reading

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Canine Nutrigenomics by Dr. Jean Dodds: Science as Windowdressing

Introduction A number of readers have asked me to review a recent book on canine nutrition: Canine Nutrigenomics: The New Science of Feeding Your Dog for Optimum Health The book has two authors. One is Diana Laverdure, a self-described “canine … Continue reading

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Dr. Karen Becker Offers Some Classic Veterinary Detox Quackery

Yesterday, I wrote about some environmental chemicals that may play a role in causing disease. While this sort of environmental risk factor is a real and recognized phenomenon supported by good science, it can easily be cited to lend support … Continue reading

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Nutraceuticals and Cognitive Dysfunction

There is widespread agreement among veterinary behaviorists, and veterinarians in general, that one consequence of the improved longevity of our patients has been an increase in clinical behavior problems associated with brain aging. Changes in sleep/wake cycles, activity level, housetraining … Continue reading

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