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Stem Cells for Kidney Disease in Cats?

I have written about stem cell therapy pretty frequently here for a couple of reasons. I consider it a very promising avenue of investigation based on lab animal and human studies, and I expect someday specific beneficial therapies based on … Continue reading

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Veterinary Stem Cells and Snake Oil

I have written several articles previously about veterinary stem cell therapies, which I view as a promising but as yet unproven treatment for a number of medical problems. (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)  Though not “alternative” in origin, the … Continue reading

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AVMA Policy Cautions Vets about Unproven Stem Cell Therapies

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is the main professional organization for veterinarians in the United States. It is not a government or regulatory body, but it does sometimes promote policy statements or guidelines intended to encourage or discourage certain … Continue reading

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Evidence Update- Stem Cell Therapies for Companion Animals

Introduction One of the most frequent recurring topics on this blog has been stem cell therapies. Generally, I have concluded that various types of stem cell therapies are plausible and promising, but they are unfortunately being marketed with claims and … Continue reading

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FDA Might Regulate Stem-Cell Therapies for Dogs & Cats: But Probably Not

I’ve written extensively, though not lately, about veterinary stem-cell therapies (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). These are treatments in which stem cells are injected into an animal to treat some disease. The most common current use is to inject stem … Continue reading

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Stem Cell Therapy Miracle–Maybe

I’ve written numerous times about veterinary stem cell therapies, and I’ve been quite critical about the proliferation of such interventions in veterinary medicine. This is not because I don’t see great hope in stem cell therapies, for I do. But … Continue reading

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Stem Cell Researchers Caution Against Using Unproven Stem Cell Therapies

One of the therapies that has arisen within conventional veterinary medicine, but which shares many of the worrisome features of an alternative approach, is stem cell therapy. Though it is a plausible intervention with promising preclinical evidence to support investigating … Continue reading

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Veterinary Stem Cell Therapies Discussed at Fully Vetted Blog

A prominent veterinary blogger, Dr. Patty Khuly of Fully Vetted, has written about the issue of veterinary stem cell therapies. The inspiration for her post appears to have been the recent article in JAVMA News, the news service of the … Continue reading

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Selling Veterinary Stem Cell Therapies: Medivet’s Dodgy Advertising

The primary focus of this blog is to examine carefully the claims and evidence concerning alternative veterinary medical therapies. I focus less on the failures of conventional therapies and providers to always adhere to the highest standards of science-based medicine … Continue reading

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Vet Stem’s Stem Cell Therapy and Chemaphor’s Oximunol Join Forces

I recently ran across a press release which identified a business relationship I found interesting. Apparently, the Canadian company Chemaphor, maker of the nutritional supplement Oximunol which I have discussed in the past, has entered into a licensing arrangement with … Continue reading

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