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Australian National Health and Medical Research Council Review Concludes Homeopathy Doesn’t Work

When I reviewed the case against homeopathy as part of the debate over the AVMA resolution to acknowledge it as a placebo therapy, there were many previous reviews to refer to. In addition to the numerous systematic reviews of the … Continue reading

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Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy Doesn’t Like Criticism–Except Their Own

During the discussion about the AVMA resolution identifying homeopathy as ineffective, defenders of homeopathy were adament that it would be unfair of the AVMA to single out their methods for criticism. I wonder if the House of Delegates was aware … Continue reading

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AVMA Homeopathy Resolution Defeated-Politics Trumps Science Yet Again

In a shock to no one, the resolution before the American Veterinary Medical Association House of Delegates acknowledging homeopathy is ineffective was defeated by a wide margin. Sources say the vote was 90% against the resolution despite the report of … Continue reading

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The Ethical Case Against Homeopathy

Veterinary homeopaths like to present their efforts as beneficient and morally sound. They claim they are providing a needed service and that denying homeopathy to patients would be denying every chance at health and denying their owners freedom to choose … Continue reading

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AVMA Leadership Fears Slippery Slope if Homeopathy is Publically Identified as Ineffective

The leadership of the American Veterinary Medical Asociation (AVMA) has recommended the House of Delegates (HoD) reject a resolution discouraging the use of ineffective therapies and identifying homeopathy as ineffective. While not disputing that there is no clinical evidence to … Continue reading

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American Veterinary Medical Association Admits Homeopathy is Useless, But Doesn’t Care

About a year ago the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Association introduced a resolution to the American Veterinary Medical Association House of Delegates recommending the AVMA acknowledge that homeopathy is an ineffective therapy and discourage its use. This resolution was supported by … Continue reading

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Another Reminder of the Real Dangers of Veterinary Homeopathy

The biggest danger of homeopathy is not, of course, the remedies themselves, which are nothing more than placebos in most cases. The real danger is that many homeopaths have the delusion that their therapies can replace real medical care, and … Continue reading

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When Homeopathy Becomes Truly Dangerous

I have often written about homeopathy, not because it is a particularly popular or important therapy (only about 3.5% of Americans, for example, report having tried it) but because it is one of the clearest and most egregious examples of … Continue reading

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FDA Warns Homeopathy Manufacturer Hyland to Stop Mislabeling its Products

I’ve written previously about the official regulation of homeopathy by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The bottom line is that homeopathy was exempted from the standards of proof for safety and efficacy required of all other medications regulated by … Continue reading

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Toxicologists Recommend “Say ‘No!’ to Unregulated Herbs and Homeopathy”

The Choosing Wisely project is an effort by the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation to encourage physicians and patients to choose diagnostic and therapeutic interventions in a rational, evidence-based way. Specialists make recommendations about tests and treatments in their area … Continue reading

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