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For Tim Minchin Fans who are Stuck!

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John Oliver Nails It! How the Media Misreports Science.

With his usual humor and also very clear, accurate explanations, John Oliver talks about how scientific research is misrepresented in the media, and how this not only misleads the public about important health issues but undermines confidence in science.   … Continue reading

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It’s the Law

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Ahhh, Dr. Google

I’ve always made it a point to remind people that expertise is low-level evidence. Plenty of folks with advanced scientific training hold blatantly untrue, anti-science views. The notion that who you are is sufficient to prove what you claim true … Continue reading

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Your Dog Ate Weed

Marijuana toxicity in dogs has always been a fairly common problem seen in veterinary emergency medicine. With the increasing availability of pot due to changes in various state laws, there are reports of an increase in these cases coming to … Continue reading

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NAET-A cure for allergies (NOT!)

I have mentioned Dr. Deva Khalsa before, hawking magic water, making unsubstantiated claims about the health value of garlic, and so on. However, I recently ran across an article written by her in the pseudo-journal Integrative Veterinary Care (IVC) which … Continue reading

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Faces of Vaccine Denialism

Been seeing a lot of these folks lately….  

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Jimmy Kimmel Gets Hate Mail (I feel your pain, Jimmy)

I review my own hate mail here from time to time (I’m actually overdue for another summary, so stay tuned). I totally get what Jimmy’s dealing with here!    

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Jimmy Kimmel–oh, and some Doctors–Talk About Vaccination

I think we need a veterinary version of this video. Who’s with me?!    

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The Fence-Learn to Love Nuance, Complexity, and Ambivalence

From the only humanist, atheist, skeptic rock star out there, Tim Minchin!  

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