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Evidence Update- Neutering and Cancer Risk in Danish Dogs

One of the “hot topics” in veterinary medicine right now is the balance of risk and benefits to neutering. Even though I completed an extensive review of this subject in 2010, and updated it just last year, the new evidence … Continue reading

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Is Cancer Caused by Bad Luck?

Why Ask Why? There are many reasons people are interested in the causes of cancer in pets. On a purely emotional level, it is natural to ask “Why?” when something terrible happens, such as the diagnosis of cancer in a … Continue reading

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The Dangerous Allure of Alternative Therapies for Pets with Cancer

Most pet owners understand that science-based medicine is the best hope for maintaining and restoring health in their animal companions. The tremendous successes of preventative and therapeutic healthcare in the last couple of centuries is difficult to deny (though proponents … Continue reading

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Update: Producer of Tumexal Warned by FDA to Stop Illegal Marketing of Unproven Cancer Drug

Back in May, I wrote about yet another “cancer wonder drug” called Tumexal. As usual, claims were made by the company that were not supported by real research evidence but only by unreliable testimonials and pseudoscientific  verbiage. There were many … Continue reading

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Is There a Blood Test for Cancer in Dogs & Cats?

I am often asked by clients if there is a blood test that can tell if their apparently healthy pet has cancer. Obviously, “cancer” is a scary word, and many of the various diseases given that label are difficult to … Continue reading

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Artemisinin-Is It a Useful Drug for Cancer Treatment in Dogs?

A couple of readers have asked about a purported cancer therapy agent called artemisinin. This is a compound derived from a plant and used for a variety of purposes in the system known as Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is sometimes … Continue reading

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Benefits & Risks of Neutering, an Evidence Update–Cancer and Behavioral Problems in Vizslas

As part of my ongoing coverage of the risks and benefits associated with neutering, I wanted to review a recent article on the subject, this one looking specifically at cancer risk and behavioral problems in Vizslas. Zink, MC. Farhoodly, P. … Continue reading

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National Veterinary Cancer Registry (NVCR) Launched!

I’ve been a bit remiss lately in posting, due to some exams and deadlines that have kept me unusually busy, but I wanted to briefly promote a new tool in the effort to develop novel, evidence-based therapies for cancer. The … Continue reading

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Intravenous Vitamin C for Cancer Treatment in Pets

Introduction Vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) is a micronutrient found in many foods. Interestingly, it is essential for primates and guinea pigs, but not for any other mammals since most species can manufacture it from other substances in … Continue reading

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Nativis Voyager–A “Revolutionary” New Cancer Therapy for Dogs?

The Nobel Disease is a well-known tongue-in-cheek reference to the apparent tendency of Nobel laureates, who have obviously made substantial legitimate contributions to scientific knowledge, to develop strong irrational attachments to questionable theories or outright pseudoscience in their later years. … Continue reading

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