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Duralactin for Arthritis

I was recently asked by a reader to comment on yet another product marketed for arthritis treatment in dogs and cats: Duralactin. Because arthritis is a very common disease for which there is no definitive cure, it is a popular … Continue reading

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Tumexal: Wonder Drug or Snake Oil?

Introduction Cancer is a common disease in our pets just as it is in humans, though not necessarily for the reasons often claimed by proponents of alternative medicine. While there are certainly environmental triggers for many cancers, smoking being a … Continue reading

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RenAvast™ for Kidney Disease: Sloppy Science and Snake Oil Marketing

A reader recently asked me to investigate yet another supplement product, this one marketed for treatment of kidney disease in dogs and cats. While there are thousands of such products, and a thorough investigation of each isn’t possible, there were … Continue reading

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Dr. Plechner Rallies Supporters to Correct the SkeptVet & Other “Disease Care Providers”

Last spring I wrote an article about a Dr. Al Plechner, who claims to have discovered a glandular imbalance, which he has named Plechner Syndrome and which he claims is responsible for a wide range of health problems. Dr. Plechner’s … Continue reading

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Plechner Syndrome and the Art of Making Stuff Up

Most proponents of so-called complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) are ordinary, reasonable people, even when promoting beliefs that may be dubious or even thoroughly incredible. However, occasionally I run across one of those individuals with not only a bizarre understanding … Continue reading

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Nativis Voyager–A “Revolutionary” New Cancer Therapy for Dogs?

The Nobel Disease is a well-known tongue-in-cheek reference to the apparent tendency of Nobel laureates, who have obviously made substantial legitimate contributions to scientific knowledge, to develop strong irrational attachments to questionable theories or outright pseudoscience in their later years. … Continue reading

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HopeScience Vet’s EFAC for Periodontal Disease and Arthritis

My attention was recently drawn to another dietary supplement product with pretty dramatic claims, this time for treating both oral disease (gingivitis and periodontal disease) and joint disease (osteoarthritis). As usual, the company web site and promotional materials are unequivocal … Continue reading

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Dog Cancer Expert Steven Eisen: Bad Advice from an Unreliable Source (restored)

The direct quotations from Dr. Eisen’s web sites were temporarily removed pending the outcome of a DMCA copyright complaint. Since no legal action was taken during the 14-day waiting period mandated under the DMCA, the original quotations have been restored. … Continue reading

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Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM)-A Familiar Tale of Quackery

The hallmark of classic medical quackery is the lone genius proclaiming the discovery of a radical new approach to healing that is simple, perfectly effective, and perfectly safe. This magical new therapy, described in impressive scientific terminology invented from scratch … Continue reading

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Knowing that I have an interest in investigating the evidence behind claims for veterinary healthcare products, clients and colleagues sometimes pass along materials concerning veterinary supplements, herbal remedies, and other similar products and ask my opinion. Since there are hundreds, … Continue reading

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