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Chiropractic: The More We Look, the Less We Find

Edzard Ernst recently commented on two Cochrane reviews involving chiropractic, which drew my attention to these reviews. I have to admit finding the results a little surprising. In general, the total body of evidence fails to support most of the … Continue reading

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The History of Veterinary Acupuncture: It’s Not What You Think

One of the most common arguments made in support of using acupuncture on animals is that veterinary acupuncture is an ancient art practiced and refined in China for thousands of years. On one website providing referrals for acupuncturists, the claim … Continue reading

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CAM Word Salad

I often find that rationalizations of alternative medicine are garbled and hard to follow, but I recently ran across a site promoting veterinary alt med that combines the usual fuzzy logic with an mechanical or straight-from-the-dictionary translation into English, with … Continue reading

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PEMF Device for Pets

Bioelectronics corporation has announced its intent to market a new device for treatment of osteoarthritis in pets. The device, the HealFast®Therapy PetPatch™, is a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) device that attaches over a swollen or painful joint ad is intended … Continue reading

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Veterinary Chiropractic

What is it?   Chiropractic is primarily the manipulation of bones in the spine in an effort to treat or prevent disease or to reduce discomfort. Though therapeutic manipulation of bones in the spine and elsewhere has a long history, … Continue reading

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