Japanese Eyeball Poking Therapy: What Else is There to Say?

Thanks to a fellow skeptic for pointing out this CAM practice, which is sadly not any more bizarre than many others which are more popular.

Japanese Eyeball Poking

Really, what else needs to be said?

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6 Responses to Japanese Eyeball Poking Therapy: What Else is There to Say?

  1. ellen says:

    this reminds me of the three stooges. 😀

    one In the eye

  2. Joe McVeigh says:

    @ skeptvet. Thanks for posting my link in “Humor.” That was the intention of the article. Japanese Eyeball Poking is not a real CAM practice yet, but if you meet anyone that wants to be the first patient, send them my way:)

    @ ellen. The Three Stooges were of course well aware of the benefits of eyeball poking and practiced it accordingly. Thanks for the image.

  3. skeptvet says:

    Congratulations on a fine article in the noble tradition of A Modest Proposal! The fact that so many people are uncertain about the seriousness of the subject is a testament both to the quality of the writing and also the wackiness of so much “real” CAM.

  4. Rita says:

    and congrats. on the posh new look for the new year – I hope it’s a great one!

  5. Joe McVeigh says:

    Wow. A comparison to Swift. However strongly or weakly you meant it, skeptvet, I can guarantee it will keep my ego going through 2011.
    Really, though, it’s a pity when parodies are taken seriously (as I hope my Eyeball Poking article is not). It’s like there’s no end to the ridiculousness or to what people will believe.
    Anyways, thanks again for the post and link. -JM

  6. Gosh, it took me awhile to figure out that Japanese Eyeball Poking was NOT a real CAM therapy. I finally realized it when the good doctor’s initials were D.U.H. I guess that shows how far out there some of these real treatments are!

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