Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy Doesn’t Like Criticism–Except Their Own

During the discussion about the AVMA resolution identifying homeopathy as ineffective, defenders of homeopathy were adament that it would be unfair of the AVMA to single out their methods for criticism. I wonder if the House of Delegates was aware of the sort of criticism of conventional medicine, and the AVMA, that routinely appears on the Facebook page of the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy (AVH), the official organization representing veterinarians offering homeopathy. The AVH is very comfortable blaming conventional veterinarians and treatments for all kinds of terrible health problems and denying fundamental scientific principles behind conventional medicine. Are these really the sorts of comments it is unfair to challenge?

“What things make your pet more vulnerable to cancer? Anything that impairs immune system function.  The following are, in order of importance, those things your animal receives that cause immune system breakdown:  Vaccination  Heartworm pills  Flea pesticides  Antibiotics”

“There is a big push underway to get pet owners to return to conventional veterinarians… and guess who is paying for it. Yup big pharma and the commercial food companies like Hills… what a surprise!!! Don’t be fooled. Holistic vets actually keep your pets healthy and happy at a fraction of the cost. To find one visit

“Are germs really the problem???

Why homeopathy is your BEST option for treating your beloved animal friends…

Only homeopathy actually corrects the predisposition to illness or disease – making your pet (the soil) less vulnerable – and healing quickly and completely when their resistance drops due to stress or other factors.”

“As I look time and again at when my patients started their decline into poor health, I repeatedly see the timing being “about a month” after a round of vaccinations. Not in every case, but in a large percentage of my patient population, this is true.”

“Did you know that when it comes to feline leukemia, EVERY SINGLE vaccine is unnecessary. Why? FeLV is a chronic disease, and vaccines by definition don’t prevent chronic disease. And FeLV is very much an opportunist virus, attacking and setting up housekeeping in only 10% of those exposed. You can imagine these are the weaker, poorly nourished animals, likely eating an unnatural kibble diet.”

“Dr. WhiteCoat and the monstrously huge pet food industry (sales of $20+ billion per year) would like you to believe you can’t possibly make a raw diet for your pets. They are invested in selling you bags of kibble, cans of mucky meaty glop, and the best marketing of all, “prescription diets” for those health challenges your animals may confront.”

“We interrupt our normal posts for an important announcement.  The CDC is reporting sharp increases in the number of patients with swine flu. Homeopathic physicians have long used the homeopathic remedy Influenzinum to safely protect their patients from the flu with great success. The normal protocol – Influenzinum 200C – one pellet dissolved in the mouth once a month. In cases where flu is widespread – a dose every two weeks during a period of widespread flu is often advised. There are also an array of wonderful remedies one can take for flu symptoms – again that are safe, quick acting and effective.”

“Treatment with allopathic drugs (antibiotics, steroids, hormones, etc.) should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. The need for drug treatment is actually quite unusual, and should be considered a last resort.”

“Corticosteroids (cortisone-type anti-inflammatory drugs) are the most abused and dangerous class of drugs. Not only do they not cure the underlying cause of the problem, they usually make the underlying problem, that is, the real problem, worse.”

“Allopathic (conventional Western) medical thinking generally seeks immediate gratification: just make the symptom go away. So the patient may be better in the short term, but is usually worse in the longer term. Homeopathy is just the opposite: sometimes the symptoms are worse in the short term (such as with aggravation or the reversal of a previous suppression), but the real benefit is in the longer term.”

“Sadly, did you know that your dog has a 50% chance of dying of cancer? Want to know the five steps that can significantly reduce your pet’s chances of getting cancer? Here they are:

* Reduce or eliminate the use of commercial flea and tick products. They are poison.

* Stay away from using pesticides, herbicides and fungicides on your lawn and garden.

* Use non-toxic cleaning products for your home.

* If you must alter your dog or cat – don’t do it too early in their lives.

* Eliminate or greatly minimize their exposure to vaccinations.”

And the AVH actually promoted one of the most misleading and dishonest news stories of the last year concerning veterinary medicine: ”

“Is your vet being honest with you???  Well, on a recent episode of ABC’s 20/20, common veterinarian practices were examined in a piece entitled ‘Is Your Veterinarian Being Honest With You?

Worth watching.”

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2 Responses to Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy Doesn’t Like Criticism–Except Their Own

  1. v.t. says:

    Do the AVMA and House of Delegates care? Obviously not. They didn’t have to read the bovine excrement on that awful AVH Fb page to reach their conclusion. That said, maybe someone should send them the link (not that it would matter).

    The AVH is acting like a bunch of schoolyard bullies, screaming sticks and stones, and they have the audacity to scream bloody murder when challenged for evidence.

    Where is all the protest?!

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