Reviews of Placebos for Pets? The Truth about Alternative Medicine for Animals

People have been writing some great reviews of Placebos for Pets, so I thought I’d share a few. If you liked it, please take a minute to add a review on Amazon or Goodreads and help spread the word. Thanks!

“I highly recommend this book. It’s well worth reading even if you don’t have a pet. It is well-written and easy to read… It’s a useful compendium of information on alternative medicine for animals, and it teaches readers how to figure out for themselves whether they can believe a new health claim. Since I know animals can’t read or speak for themselves, I will speak out for them: thank you, Brennen McKenzie, for this book, and for all your hard work and clear thinking!”
Harriet Hall, MD
Science-based Medicine Blog

“This is a great book for all pet owners, pet professionals, and others interested in animals who need help sifting through all the information on alternative veterinary medicine…His writing style is clear and down to earth, and he explains some very difficult concepts with grace… Reading this was a landmark life experience. Not only did I learn about a lot of specific alternative veterinary practices…I certainly added a few critical thinking tools to my toolbox!”
Eileen Anderson
Author, Remember Me?: Loving and Caring for a Dog with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

“Just finished my copy this morning and couldn’t wait to post a review! This book is simply a must-read for veterinarians, veterinary team members, and pet owners of all shapes and sizes!

Beyond simply dismissing alternative medicine for animals, Dr. McKenzie provides a wealth of details and references in each chapter. From homeopathy to cold lasers to dietary supplements, his approach of “What is It?”, “Does It Work?” and “Is It Safe?” provides the reader with an easy to understand methodology of assessing the wide range of alternative veterinary medicine practices.

As someone who spends a great deal of time helping to educate and develop veterinary staff, this book will be an invaluable resource in helping me teach our teams about scientific method and sound reasoning.”
TFD, reader review

“A clear-eyed look at how science, which underpins veterinary medicine, can either be the logical basis for how it is practiced, or sometimes be the antithesis of certain veterinary practices. There’s irony in the book’s message, not least of which being why some veterinarians may so willingly suspend disbelief in adopting some of these techniques. We ought to inherently grasp that there really is no such thing as alternative medicine, only that medicine which works, and which has a basis in science, and that which some wish would work, but either doesn’t or is as yet unproven. What we offer to the public for compensation ought to be strictly from among the former. Placebos for Pets makes this all clear. Nicely written and referenced.”
Arnold Goldman, DVM, MPH

“This is a fabulous book. The author explains in laymans terms exactly what the issues are and a very easy to understand explanation of the scientific facts surrounding the more ‘popular’ placebos. I think that this book would be just as useful to help you explain to your pseudoscientific friends and relatives exactly what it is that they’re buying.”
Mike Fairburn, reader review

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  1. Christopher Gunson says:

    congratulations on the book Brennen, you have been a real asset to the profession!

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