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As part of my work as Director of Veterinary Medicine for Loyal, a company studying therapies to extend lifespan and delay or prevent age-associated disease in dogs, I am writing regular blog posts. Many of these concern canine aging, though there are some addressing general canine health and biology as well. This is partly responsible for the reduced frequency of my SkeptVet posts, but since many of these may be of interest to followers of this blog as well, I am collecting these posts here just as I did for my VPN column.

As always, feedback is welcome, and if you have subjects you would like to hear more about, let me know!

Should you zoom call your dog?
There are now lots of devices that let us call our dogs and say “Hi!” when we aren’t at home. But are these really for our dogs, or just for us? (February, 2022)

Healthspan: the healthy prime of life
Lifespan is the amount of time lived. Healthspan is the time lived with vigor and good health. Which do you think is more important? (February, 2022)

Obesity and epigenetics
One of the most important health problems in veterinary medicine today is the epidemic of obesity in our pets. (April, 2022)

Signs of senior years: looking old, feeling old, and acting old
Do you ever wonder how your dog might look, feel, or act as they advance in age? Understanding aging gives us the potential to prevent or mitigate a wide range of age-related health problems in dogs. (August, 2022)

New in dog health: Sniffing out this month’s discoveries in science
Do dogs “see” with their noses? Can my dog feel guilt? Can dogs catch monkeypox from their owners? Find out in this month’s review on canine science research. (August, 2022)

Dog enrichment activities: Healthy brains and happy dogs
Exercise and enrichment activities can help you protect your dog against the effects of brain aging. (August, 2022)

Why do big dogs have unusually short lifespans compared to small dogs?
Dogs come in an astounding range of shapes and sizes. Explore how genetic differences impact age and how Loyal is working on extending the life and health of large dogs. (September, 2022)

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2 Responses to Canine Aging and Health Posts from Loyal

  1. jen Robinson says:

    Speaking of lifespan/healthspan, has there been and research on heredity of long life in dogs?
    (It’s a shame that pedigree dog associations track births and not deaths. I wish it were possible to look for bloodlines that age well).

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