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NAET-A cure for allergies (NOT!)

I have mentioned Dr. Deva Khalsa before, hawking magic water, making unsubstantiated claims about the health value of garlic, and so on. However, I recently ran across an article written by her in the pseudo-journal Integrative Veterinary Care (IVC) which … Continue reading

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Garlic for Pets- What’s it Good for?

One of the most popular plant products touted for medicinal use in pets is garlic Allium sativum. A recent newsletter by Dr. Deva Khalsa, a popular alternative veterinarian, makes some typical claims: Garlic is a miracle herb! Garlic (Allium sativum) … Continue reading

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Holistic Dog Breeding

The vast majority of our companion dogs and cats are neutered, for a variety of good reasons. As a consequence, the healthcare of breeding animals is not a major part of most small animal practices, and it hasn’t been a … Continue reading

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Double Helix Water: More Magic Water Quackery

The beauty of pseudoscience as a marketing tool is that it is, for those not trained in the particular branch of real science being mimicked, almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Of course, many of the warning signs of quackery … Continue reading

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