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Neoplasene: Benefits Unproven and Risks Severe

Two years ago, I wrote about an herbal product called Neoplasene, an excharotic derived from bloodroot that is marketed for treatment of cancer. I pointed out in that article that apart from a couple of in vitro studies suggesting the … Continue reading

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Neoplasene-The Latest Head of the Escharotic Hydra

A reader recently drew my attention to a form of CAM that is particularly dangerous and irresponsible but that like the mythological Hydra manages to raise its ugly head again and again despite efforts to kill it. Its latest incarnation … Continue reading

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A Tiny Bit of Justice for Victims of Jonathan Nyce and Tumexal

I have put a lot of effort over the last 14 years into investigating questionable remedies for pets, and exposing people who peddle misinformation and snake oil. Pet owners care deeply for their animal companions, and this love can be … Continue reading

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Things Holistic Vets Say About Cancer that Should Make Pet Owners Run the Other Way

Cancer is a common and frightening disease, and many pet owners will have to face making decisions about cancer care for their pets at some point. While there are many therapies that can improve quality of life for a veterinary … Continue reading

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Australian Government Cracks Down on Bogus Claims for “Black Salve”

One of my most popular (and unpopular) articles concerns the quack cancer remedy Neoplasene. This is one of a family of herbal derivatives called bloodroot, and it has never been shown to be a safe and effective therapy for cancer. … Continue reading

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The Harm Complementary and Alternative Medicine Can Do

What’s the Harm I have written often about ways in which complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) can be harmful. This is not because I believe CAM is necessarily always unsafe, or that I think conventional medicine doesn’t have significant risks … Continue reading

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The Danger of Choosing Alternative Therapies over Conventional Care

One of the most common responses to criticisms of alternative medicine is that, whether it is effective or not, at least it can’t do any harm. There is ample evidence, unfortunately, that this is not true. Any therapy with a … Continue reading

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Supraglan: Empty Promises, Not Medicine

I came across an especially egregious example of veterinary quackery recently which I wanted to warn people about., a subsidiary of the Canadian company Natural Wellbeing Distribution sells a product call Supraglan, which it advertises as a treatment for … Continue reading

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