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Evidence Update: Promising Clinical Trial of CBD for Arthritis Treatment in Dogs

Introduction At long last, there is a published veterinary clinical trial of a cannabis-based treatment! As I say in nearly every article I write, a single study neither definitively proves nor disproves even the specific hypothesis being studied, much less … Continue reading

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Veterinary Practice News Evidence-based Medicine Column

Last summer, I was asked to take over the Evidence-based Medicine Column (previous the Alternative Medicine Column) in the trade magazine Veterinary Practice News from Dr. Narda Robinson. This was an excellent opportunity to  illustrate the principles and techniques of … Continue reading

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SkeptVet’s Acupuncture Adventure- Part 1: Introduction

I have written extensively about acupuncture since it is one of the most widely used and accepted of the alternative therapies. It is also complex, with many different definitions, associated theories, and a huge body of relevant research evidence. Sorting … Continue reading

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Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine: What Is It & Why Does It Matter?

The following is a summary and the slides for a presentation I gave recently on evidence-based veterinary medicine: WHAT IS EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE? Evidence-based medicine (EBM) has been defined as the “conscientious, explicit, and judicious use of current best evidence in … Continue reading

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Canine Nutrigenomics by Dr. Jean Dodds: Science as Windowdressing

Introduction A number of readers have asked me to review a recent book on canine nutrition: Canine Nutrigenomics: The New Science of Feeding Your Dog for Optimum Health The book has two authors. One is Diana Laverdure, a self-described “canine … Continue reading

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In addition to my work on this blog, I do write for the professional veterinary literature and lay press as well, so I thought I’d list some of those publications for anyone who is interested. Professional Literature McKenzie, BA. Evidence-based … Continue reading

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Duralactin for Arthritis

I was recently asked by a reader to comment on yet another product marketed for arthritis treatment in dogs and cats: Duralactin. Because arthritis is a very common disease for which there is no definitive cure, it is a popular … Continue reading

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From the JREF Swift Blog- Alternative Medicine & Placebo Effects: In Pets?

My first contribution to the Swift blog at the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) is up today. Alternative Medicine & Placebo Effects: In Pets? Placebo effects, of course, operate for all medical therapies, effective or ineffective, conventional or alternative. But … Continue reading

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American Academy of Orthropaedic Surgeons Evidence-Based Review of Arthritis Treatments

I have previously reviewed a number of common alternative therapies for arthritis. The evidence concerning veterinary use specifically is often limited, but for common therapies, like glucosamine and acupuncture, there is often extensive research data in humans. While extrapolation from … Continue reading

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New Review of Complemetary and Alternative Therapies for Arthritis

I’ve written extensively about alternative arthritis therapies, largely because that is one of the most common conditions for which complementary and alternative treatments are used. While a few are promising (such as fish oils), there is little good evidence to … Continue reading

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