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Another Reminder of the Real Dangers of Veterinary Homeopathy

The biggest danger of homeopathy is not, of course, the remedies themselves, which are nothing more than placebos in most cases. The real danger is that many homeopaths have the delusion that their therapies can replace real medical care, and … Continue reading

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When Homeopathy Becomes Truly Dangerous

I have often written about homeopathy, not because it is a particularly popular or important therapy (only about 3.5% of Americans, for example, report having tried it) but because it is one of the clearest and most egregious examples of … Continue reading

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Dog Cancer Expert Steven Eisen: Bad Advice from an Unreliable Source (restored)

The direct quotations from Dr. Eisen’s web sites were temporarily removed pending the outcome of a DMCA copyright complaint. Since no legal action was taken during the 14-day waiting period mandated under the DMCA, the original quotations have been restored. … Continue reading

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More Misleading and Unethical Advertising for Alternative Veterinary Medicine

I’ve written before about the unethical and misleading negative advertising that so often characterizes the promotion of alternative veterinary medicine. But I ran across another example that set my teeth on edge and illustrated a particular problem I have with … Continue reading

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The Problem of Negative and Inaccurate Advertising of Alternative Veterinary Medicine

Advertising is a form of communication intended to influence the behavior of potential consumers with regard to specific products or services. As such, it is inherently competitive to some degree, attempting to encourage consumers to choose the advertiser’s product over … Continue reading

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More Natural Nonsense and Unethical CAM Marketing

A colleague recently saw an older dog who had vomited up roundworms and was doing some coughing. He diagnosed and treated the patient appropriately, but the client later contacted him with questions about some alternative remedies that had been recommended … Continue reading

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