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Benefits and Risks of Neutering, An Evidence Update: Effects of Neutering on Longevity and Cause of Death in Dogs

Another new study has recently been published addressing the complex issue of the risks and benefits of neutering dogs. This report certainly will not answer all the outstanding questions or quiet the debate about when and if to neuter dogs, … Continue reading

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Eric Weisman Gets Fine and Probation for Violating Court Order

I recently received a comment from Mr. Eric Weisman, promoter of Evolution Diet, regarding a post I wrote about his products in 2009. The comment was full of conspiracy theories, baseless accusations, and a general disregard for truth. At that … Continue reading

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Dog Cancer Expert Steven Eisen: Bad Advice from an Unreliable Source (restored)

The direct quotations from Dr. Eisen’s web sites were temporarily removed pending the outcome of a DMCA copyright complaint. Since no legal action was taken during the 14-day waiting period mandated under the DMCA, the original quotations have been restored. … Continue reading

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Integrative Veterinary Cancer Care: Are Claims without Evidence Dishonest?

One of the most frustrating problems with the promotion of alternative medicine and approaches that have not been validated through appropriate scientific testing is that proponents often feel free to make sweeping claims about safety and efficacy despite the absence … Continue reading

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Spiraling Empiricism: Antibiotic Use as a Model for Pitfalls in Medical Decision Making

About two years ago, Mark Crislip over at Science-Based Medicine wrote about an article that had a profound impact on his practices as an M.D. specializing in infectious disease, Observations on Spiraling Empiricism. He recently mentioned this article again on … Continue reading

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Vitamin Supplements- Do they prevent cancer?

Few purported medical interventions have such wide appeal or such an entrenched reputation for being benign and beneficial as vitamin supplements. Vitamins are chemicals (yes, they are, though you can call them “compounds” or even “essential nutrients” if it sounds … Continue reading

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Woo U. — CAVM as Continuing Education for Veterinarians

Veterinarians are required by the state laws that control their licensure and scope of practice to keep up with changes in the body of knowledge  and techniques that makes up veterinary medicine. Such continuing education is a requirement for all … Continue reading

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Screening Tests-Scientific Ambiguity or CAM Certainty

One of my favorite encounters with CAM was when a woman brought an old golden retriever to see me because her energy practitioner told her she had detected leukemia, a kind of white blood cell cancer. Though the pet had … Continue reading

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