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Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy Doesn’t Like Criticism–Except Their Own

During the discussion about the AVMA resolution identifying homeopathy as ineffective, defenders of homeopathy were adament that it would be unfair of the AVMA to single out their methods for criticism. I wonder if the House of Delegates was aware … Continue reading

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SuperVets: Entertainment, Education, or Propaganda?

It is a well-known, indisputable, and nearly universally ignored fact that anecdotes in medicine are unreliable when trying to decide which therapies work and which don’t. The experiences of individual patients don’t even reliably tell us what worked or didn’t … Continue reading

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Book Review: At Home by Bill Bryson

For my infrequent book reviews I have tried to focus on books that are explicitly relevant to the issues and themes of this blog. However, I wanted to call attention to a very enjoyable book that, honestly, is only marginally … Continue reading

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Dr. Gloria Dodd-A Case Study in the Failure of Government Regulation of Veterinary Medicine

I have written at length about the relationship between unproven, unscientific, and pseudoscientific alternative medicine and the legal and regulatory systems intended to protect the public from quackery (including Medical Licensure, Malpractice Law, and Regulation of Drugs, Supplements, and Homeopathy). … Continue reading

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who are you? It doesn’t matter who I am. My ideas and arguments should be judged on their own strengths and weaknesses, not on the basis of whatever prejudices you may have about me as a person. Am I more … Continue reading


Warning Signs of Quackery Ahead

Though it’s certainly not an original observation, I’ve begun to see some repeating patterns of behavior associated with unreliable and unscientific medical claims, and I think it might be useful to review some possible warning signs that one is dealing … Continue reading

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Evolution Diet – Selling Food with Fear and Lies

I was recently asked to comment on an advertising card for Evolution Diet. There are a number of claims made, and because they are vague and wildly inflammatory, it is difficult to address them in an evidence-based manner, but I’ll … Continue reading

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