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Eric Weisman Gets Fine and Probation for Violating Court Order

I recently received a comment from Mr. Eric Weisman, promoter of Evolution Diet, regarding a post I wrote about his products in 2009. The comment was full of conspiracy theories, baseless accusations, and a general disregard for truth. At that … Continue reading

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CAM and Prostate Cancer: Study Findes no Effect on Outcome or Patient Satisfaction

The subject I focus on most often when discussing the value of CAM therapies is whether or not they are safe and effective. That is, do they generate a measurable improvement in objective measures of illness with acceptable side effects? … Continue reading

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Evolution Diet – Selling Food with Fear and Lies

I was recently asked to comment on an advertising card for Evolution Diet. There are a number of claims made, and because they are vague and wildly inflammatory, it is difficult to address them in an evidence-based manner, but I’ll … Continue reading

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