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SkeptVet’s Acupuncture Adventure- The Hand’s On Training and Wrap-Up

After nearly 100 hours on online instruction and independent study, my acupuncture training has concluded with a 5-day hands-on practicum and both a written and practical exam. All that remains to do to finish my certification in Veterinary Medical Acupuncture … Continue reading

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SkeptVet’s Acupuncture Adventure- Part 4: Spinal Cord Injury

Introduction This lecture had surprisingly little information about acupuncture itself. It began with a review of the pathophysiology of spinal cord injury and the typical steps for evaluating and stabilizing patients presenting with acute spinal cord injury. Most of the … Continue reading

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Discussion of Homeopathy Continues in the AVMA

Over the last few months, I have followed the progress of a resolution introduced to the American Veterinary Medical Association House of Delegates identifying homeopathy as an ineffective therapy incompatible with evidence-based medicine. The story can be traced through several … Continue reading

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Veterinary Arthritis Treatments

Over the couple of years of producing this blog, I have written about many different subjects. Some have come up repeatedly, and because they represent common and important issues, I thought it might be useful to collect related posts I’ve … Continue reading

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CAM Word Salad

I often find that rationalizations of alternative medicine are garbled and hard to follow, but I recently ran across a site promoting veterinary alt med that combines the usual fuzzy logic with an mechanical or straight-from-the-dictionary translation into English, with … Continue reading

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Veterinary Chiropractic

What is it?   Chiropractic is primarily the manipulation of bones in the spine in an effort to treat or prevent disease or to reduce discomfort. Though therapeutic manipulation of bones in the spine and elsewhere has a long history, … Continue reading

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