Irreverent Comic Guide to Warning Signs of Quackery

Anti-Science Red Flags of Quackery

From comic blogger Sci-ence (sorry, can’t get the schwa character in there).

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13 Responses to Irreverent Comic Guide to Warning Signs of Quackery

  1. GEEZ! You ruined it for me! I was just about to give my bear an accupuncture treatment to detoxify his liver since the arsenic nosode didn’t work :O HAR HAR!

  2. boxer says:

    I have very recently found your blog and site – I am a new regular reader.
    Great information and myth-dispeller. Wonderful.

  3. skeptvet says:

    Welcome, and thanks for the positive feedback. It’s always a nice anodyne for the heaps of hate mail I get! 🙂

  4. Geneva Coats says:

    This is a wonderful blog, thanks for all the great information. Now I’ll have to go look for the Sci-ence webpage LOL.

  5. Rita says:

    You get hate-mail? Not from postmodernists, I hope!

  6. skeptvet says:

    Most of it is not coherent enough to allow an analysis of the underlying philosophical foundations. 🙂

  7. Maki says:

    Hey there! Thanks for the plug!

    I have to say, what you are doing here is wonderful! My girlfriend is an animal rights defender and I see so many farm sanctuaries that use acupuncture and homeopathy to treat their animals. You’re providing well-needed education and critical thinking for underrepresented area of evidence based medicine. Kudos!

  8. Dr Arnold L. Goldman says:

    Keep up the good work! Between SkeptVet and EBVMA you have helped take back the public relations high ground generally claimed by those who know little but speak much. These “colleagues” with little real knowledge and a profit motive, apparent graduates of the WC Fields School of Marketing all, are always ready to inflate themselves while fleecing a scientifically uneducated public.

    There’s a book in there somewhere, looking at the post WW2 era of snake oil salesmen, and how despite an age of apparently unprecedented scientific advance, people still spend money on promises made by hucksters. Go figure!

  9. skeptvet says:

    Thanks Dr. Goldman!

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  11. Brennen,
    Just saw your book in JAVMA news. I ordered it immediately, and can’t put it down. Your blog is equally excellent. I read Ben Goldacres book, Bad Science, many years ago. I have always been a strong believer in EBVM. Science is an eternal quest for truth. We understand that the truths and evidence keep moving as we learn and critique the evidence over and over. In my 34 years of practice, treatments and standards of care have changed , and then changed “back”. That’s just the way of science and medicine. But I’m forever blown away by how far we’ve come.
    You are an excellent writer, and I thank you for your courage, persistence, and fortitude in putting forward the facts as we know them. Very difficult in the new world of fake news and “alternative facts.”
    Mankind (and animals) can not survive without real SCIENCE.
    Keep up the GREAT WORK!!

  12. skeptvet says:

    Thanks so much, Scott, I’m really glad the book and blog are useful for you!

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