Protest Government Protection of Unproven and Ineffective Medicine

The Center for Inquiry, a pro-science and secularism think tank and lobby,  which previously issued a white paper about the attempts of Tom Harkin and others to insert protection for non evidence-based CAM in healthcare reform legislation, has continued to track these attempts through the legislative process. Unfortunately, as a vote appears to be drawing near on bills in both houses, the woo-protection elements have only gotten stronger. Recent additions to the legislation specifically protect religious based medical intervention, such as Christian Science faith healing. The Center for Inquiry has put together a simple tool to facilitate contacting your legislators to protest this government protection of unproven and bogus therapies and support for religious belief over science in government funded and protected healthcare.

We cannot allow the health care reform process to mandate the spending of government and insurance money on faith healing and unproven CAM. Doing so will only make real, life-saving care more expensive and less available. Please take the time to participate in the political process and let your representatives know where you stand.

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