Evidence-Based Evaluation of Alternative Medicine

This presentation, originally given as a continuing education talk at Kansas State University, discusses the evaluation of alternative medicine, particularly veterinary alternative practices, from a science-based perspective. It is divided into three parts, and these are available both as the narrated videos below and as Powerpoint slide presentations, which can be viewed with or without the narration.

Part 1. Science Works: How We Go Wrong and How Evidence-Based Medicine Can Set Us Right

The first segment illustrates the limitations of unstructured evaluation, such as personal experience, trial and error, and historical traditions, and introduces the principles and techniques of evidence-based medicine.

Part 1 Powerpoint Presentation


Part 2. What is Complementary and Alternative Medicine?

The second part of this series investigates the philosophy and ideology of alternative medicine in preparation for applying the principles and techniques of evidence-based medicine to these practices.

Part 2 Powerpoint Presentation


Part 3. Apply a Science-Based Approach to Evaluating Specific Alternative Practices

The final part of the presentation applies a systematic science-based evaluation to several examples of alternative medical approaches, incuding Reiki, Homeopathy, and Probiotics.

Part 3 Powerpoint Presentation


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