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  1. v.t.
    November 28, 2015

    What ticks me off the most about veterinary quacks is their denigrating conventional medicine (which saves lives), often criticizing with the “profit” propaganda – how hypocritical of them – they have no scruples in making huge profits off of ideology and fairy dust and hopeless promises. And the arrogance to claim they care about their patients so much more than conventional vets.

    They deserve every bit of skepticism that comes their way. They also deserve ridicule from their peers as well as the public.


  2. Dr V
    November 28, 2015

    “Why do we so often see premature aging? How do we STOP this trend? Treat holistically!”

    Now that’s an emerging disease I’d like to know more about.


  3. Deborah Cottrell DVM
    November 30, 2015

    Any veterinarian who becomes a homeopath is dead to me as a veterinarian, and does not deserve my respect as a colleague. He or she is a nothing more than a fraud who is endangering animals.


  4. Kelly J Hall
    July 25, 2018

    To all concerned, have any of you ever used or had a patient use Arnica after surgery? My thought is probably so. You have used homeopathy. I am not a doctor, but I do have several dogs that I rescued who came to me with various problems from heartworms to knee issues to GI issues. All problems, even severe allergies, have been addressed by diet (raw), quality supplements (not purchased at vet office) and homeopathy. Even drinking good filtered water. The thing with homeopathy and pets is that pets don’t lie and they are not good candidates for the placebo effect. It either works or it does not. In my case, it has worked beautifully. I love that my allopathic vet only has to see my dogs once a year for their checkup and HW test (negative always even though not on preventative!) and that he is available to me in case of an acute issue. That’s where vets truly shine. But I have discovered that the more a vet meddles in my dog’s health, the worst off my dog is. It’s really so, so simple to have a thriving pet and that is what I try to teach and promote to my family, neighbors, co-workers and FB friends. Even my allopathic vet wants to know what I do to have such happy and healthy dogs. Now that’s the real compliment! Best to you all. Hoping you come over to the dark side.


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