Your Dog Ate Weed

Marijuana toxicity in dogs has always been a fairly common problem seen in veterinary emergency medicine. With the increasing availability of pot due to changes in various state laws, there are reports of an increase in these cases coming to veterinary emergency rooms. The hoped-for but as yet unproven medical benefits of marijuana in dogs has also encouraged some people to try marijuana products for their dogs, with some potential risks. All of these are serious issues. However, humor is key for coping wit the stresses of veterinary medicine, and a new song from a popular veterinary chanteuse has taken on this subject in a melodious and lighthearted, yet quite accurate, way. Enjoy!


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  1. v.t. says:

    She is so cute!

    Funny how most clients are scared we’ll turn them in – those who actually tell us their “Dog Ate Weed” !

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