SH#$ Homeopaths Say

I have provided many examples over the years of the ridiculous and dangerous things veterinarians practicing homeopathy say. The fact that such individuals are allowed to practice this form of witchcraft as if it were a legitimate medical approach, and that they are protected under the legal monopoly licensed veterinarians have to practice veterinary medicine, is an embarrassment to the profession and a disservice to animal owners.

I recently ran across yet another example of the amazing ability of homeopathic vets to blame anything they don’t understand on vaccines or conventional veterinary medicine without the slightest supporting evidence or even plausible logic. Courtesy of Dr. Michael Dym:

Just to explain to animal guardians the difference from a holistic/homeopathic perspective on chronic vaccinosis, vs a more conventional perspective, where such information is not taught, and where reactions are only seen as occurring rarely within minutes or hours of a vaccination.

The “information that is not taught” is, of course, the completely unproven and unlikely information homeopaths believe about vaccines. There is no reason, or even excuse, for teaching such nonsense to veterinary students.

A 16.5 year old presented today after a sudden onset of what sounded like what is known as a neuroembolic event; the kitty presented with a sudden onset of hind leg stiffness/weakness, with staring behind him like something was there that was not. The kitty has been diabetic for many years. Most recent vet exam was back in first week of December 2015 where guardian had been concerned about odor coming from the cat’s mouth. He had not been to vet in a few years prior to that visit. That day, the kitty was given a rabies vaccination, and had its teeth cleaned on the same day. On careful review of the notes, it was noted that the kitty had an unsteady weakness and wobbliness for 3 days after the December visit, prompting a phone call of concern by the guardian, before “supposedly” normalizing back to prior status. However today’s sudden embolic, unexplained event, would be potentially seen as a chronic complication from the rabies vaccination from the prior visit in December.

“Would be potentially seen” actually means “homeopaths believe vaccines are responsible for any bad thing they don’t understand.” There is no evidence or sound pathophysiologic reasoning connecting these symptoms to the vaccine that was given. There are many potential explanations, and without detailed information and a good physical examination, I can’t diagnose the patient (unlike Dr. Dym, who apparently requires neither). However, blaming them on the rabies vaccination is not more reasonable than blaming them on the position of the planets at the time of the animal’s birth. Both explanations are purely arbitrary and faith-based.

These clinical situations, which typically go under the radar when assessing chronic immune or neurological effects from a conventional perspective, are far more common than is typical recognized by the conventional veterinary community, however, there is enough clinical evidence and even studies that do show the potential chronic effects on the brain and nervous system in pets vaccinated, especially with rabies, and when in a a [sic] geriatric or immune compromised state.

No such evidence exists, apart from “case reports” such as this by homeopaths making stuff up. Chronic medical problems associated with vaccination such as Dr. Dym describes could possibly occur, but these haven’t been detected or proven, simply assumed to happen because they fit the anti-science belief system of homeopathy.

Many disease conditions are considered miasmatic in animals. Niasms [sic] refer to inherent defects or inherent tendencies towards disease which can be genetically endowed. These underlying predispositions towards disease are often expressed after excessive vaccination or suppressive long term allopathic treatment. Our pets are clearly abused by allopathic overtreatment, with antibiotics corticDsteroiUs, and hormones. Vaccinations are given much Coo [sic] frequently, in excessive combination with one another. and without regard to need or potential exposure of the animal to these disease agents.

A fascinating combination of mischaracterization and outright falsehoods about conventional medicine with imaginary explanations for disease that come straight out of the 18th century. Homeopaths are perversely proud of having learned nothing about biology or the basis of health and disease since their founding father established the discipline over 150 years ago. And while they object strongly to any criticism of their methods, they feel perfectly comfortable announcing that pets are “clearly abused” by scientific medicine. ….vaccination can result in certain sensitive in­dividuals a chronic disease state one that is long-lasting, indeed in some cases a life-long condition. In human children there is increasing evidence of linkage between vac­cination and chronic illnesses such as autism, juvenile diabetes, and asthma.

Actually, there is increasing evidence, consistent across many years and millions of children, that these are not caused by vaccination. These false and dangerous belief actually injure and kill children when their parents are inappropriately frightened into avoiding appropriate vaccination.

This state of “vaccinosis” is under­stood as the disturbance of the life force that results in mental, emotional and physical changes induced by the laboratory modification of a viral disease to make a vaccina­tion. In other words, instead of seeing acute expressions of viral disease, we are, instead seeing symptoms of chronic ill­ness which are actually documented to occur in rabid animals. Symptoms of rabies includes Restlessness; viciousness; avoid­ance of company; unusual affection; desire to travel; inability to be restrained; self biting; strange cries and course howls; inability to swallow resulting in gagging whom eating/drinking; staring eyes; swallows wood ,stones, in-edibles; destruction of blankets, clothing; convulsive seizures; throat spasms; increased sexual desires; disturbed heart function; excited and jerky breathing. My biggest con­cern with pets are the changes in behavior after being vaccinated. This is usually along the limes of aggression, ‘`suspicion, unusual fears, etc.

The key words here are “life force.” Homeopathy is effectively a religion, not a system of medicine, and it relies on unprovable assumptions about the spiritual world to explain disease and how homeopathy is supposed to work.

It also relies on a simplistic idea about cause and effect that is often referred to as “sympathetic magic.” Superficial resemblances are assumed, without evidence, to represent deep functional connections.  Any symptoms that one could conceivably associate with rabies and that occur in any animal ever vaccinated for rabies are attributed to the vaccine.

However, even this slim thread of logic is abandoned in order to blame virtually any abnormality or problem on vaccination.

The essential aspect [of vaccinosis] is a lack of control of impulses. Many pets may exhibit any or many of the above behaviors indefinitely such as “reverse sneezing” and increased mounting seen in neutered pets. Conventional medicine does not explain these odd symptoms, but homeopathically these pets may be exhibiting symptoms of rabies vaccinosis and occur fairly commonly in my opinion.

There is no evidence or plausible rationale connecting “reverse sneezing” or mounting behavior with rabies vaccination, we are simply expected to take homeopaths’ word for the relationship and distrust a vaccine which has saved literally millions of human and animal lives.

It is a sad comment on how veterinary medicine is regulated that such nonsense is permissible under color of practicing veterinary medicine. And it is a sad comment on our profession that so few veterinarians are willing to openly challenge such baseless claims and fear mongering and acknowledge the overwhelming evidence that homeopathy is a worthless superstition, not a legitimate healthcare practice.

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  1. L says:

    “Any symptoms that one could conceivably associate with rabies and that occur in any animal ever vaccinated for rabies are attributed to the vaccine.”

    This is especially confusing since, as far as I understood, homeopathy works on the law of opposites. So wouldn’t they believe that a vaccine would cause the opposite of the symptoms of the virus it contains? Or is the “preparation” too strong (or weak? Since it’s opposite-world?) to have that effect? Or would a vaccine only be a treatment or a subject presenting with symptoms related to rabies?

    I’m having a hard time turning off the correct parts of my brain to understand this.

  2. KP says:

    This is frustrating. As a regular-joe pet owner, I depend on a veterinarian’s training and experience to help me and the fact that homeopathy is creeping into otherwise “legitimate” veterinary practices, schools and mainstream society is scary and really annoying. I believe homeopathy is abuse, especially when an animal is acutely ill or otherwise suffering, and someone resorts to what I think of as witchcraft to treat the animal.

  3. Paula McGlashan says:

    It is important to question your vet at the mere mention of pseudo-scientific nonsense. Challenging them may save your pet from these idiots and then go and find another vet that is not delusional. Vets and nurses; they both get sucked in to this crap. cheers.

  4. v.t. says:

    That man is certifiably insane. That he still has a license to practice is …incredibly insane.

  5. Beccy Higman says:

    “The essential aspect [of vaccinosis] is a lack of control of impulses. Many pets may exhibit any or many of the above behaviors indefinitely such as “reverse sneezing” and increased mounting seen in neutered pets. ”

    If these were the result of rabies vacinations then they wouldn’t appear in the British or Irish population of pets. We don’t have rabies in the UK or Ireland so, unless you want a pet passport to allow you to take your animal abroad and bring it back without it spending months in quarantine, our pets are not vacinated against rabies. Guess what? We see those behaviours here. You’re amazed aren’t you? 😉

  6. L says:

    Anyone who takes supplements or gives them to their pets should see this recent Frontline Special:

  7. Judith Raimondi says:

    I can’t thank you enough for being the primary ‘bullshit’ detector in my decisions for best care practices concerning my pets. It is because of you that I have a trustworthy vet and know the difference. Similar in my experience with a mate who is battling cancer, was having a dog facing the same struggle; the crazies came out of the woods to make us feel guilty and just plain wrong not to listen to ‘alternative’ (unproven and pricey, naturally), medicine. Snake oil is so often sold to the desperate, by the greedy, who are (elaborately) dressed up as righteous. Oh the Emperor’s New Clothes!
    Thank you!

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