The Young Science of Dog Aging

Here is a brief talk and Q&A I participated in recently at Petminded. Hope you find it interesting!

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  1. ashton says:

    I think rapamycin is the most
    Promising of the aging interventions out right now.
    A lot of great work has been done on the drug and there’s also the TRIAD studies going on right now. If you want good resources, Matt Kaeberlein runs those trials (along with some other collaborators) and he is very renowned in the longevity field.
    Here’s a good place to start:

    I’m apart of a forum that is big into longevity and anti aging approaches in humans and dogs
    That I will link below :

    We are constantly up to date on information along with posting new research, etc.

    I have a 5 year old Leonberger/ St. Bernard mix that I’m about to start on rapamycin and have been doing lots of research on longevity therapies for dogs. He’s very healthy and at a good weight, active daily , etc.
    I know of plenty others who are doing similar approaches. I’m not expecting long extension in lifespan , I’m more focused for healthspan , with the bigger dogs
    I’m just hopeful about giving him the best life while he is with me. Ashton

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