VIN CE Course: Assessment & Management of the Geriatric Patient

If you are interested in canine and feline aging, I have a new continuing education course available on the Veterinary Information Network (VIN). Two hours of a pre-recorded self-study course and two hours of live, interactive sessions focusing on:

Session 1 (self-study)
Introduces key geroscience concepts and core physical, function, behavioral, and metabolic changes in aging dogs and cats

Session 2 (self-study)
Covers the concept of frailty, reviews significant clinical disorders in geriatric dogs and cats, and begins looking at what we can do about aging

Session 3 (August 9, 2023 5pm PDT)
Introduces specific clinical assessment tools and case study examples for the independent practice exercise

Session 4 (August 30, 2023 5pm PDT)
A review of the case examples and course wrap-up

Hope you can join us!


Interactive course:

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