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Talks from WVC 2024- Nutrition for Lifespan Extension and Frailty

Here are some low-quality recordings of a couple lectures I gave this year at the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas.

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Evidence Update: Is Surgery Necessary for Dogs with Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture?

Back in 2011, I first wrote about the issue of concerning whether dogs with cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) ruptures did better with surgery or with non-surgical management. My conclusion at that time was: For most dogs under 15kg, conservative management … Continue reading

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Fickle Justice: Some Quacks get Punished, Most Get Away with It

One of the goals of this blog has always been to warn pet owners about dangers to their animals: dangerously unreliable ideas and ways of thinking about science and medicine, dangerous therapies (or at least those not yet proven to … Continue reading

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Evidence Update: Leap Years Anti-aging Supplement Study

Back in January of 2023 I reviewed claims for a purported anti-aging supplement for dogs called Leap Years. My conclusion at the time was- Leap Years is similar to most veterinary supplements on the market: It is based on some plausible ideas … Continue reading

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Science, Science Denial, & Drug Development- A response to Dr. Judy Morgan

As I’ve mentioned previously, in the last four years I have continued my clinical practice while also working for Loyal, a biotechnology company pursuing FDA approval of drugs to extend health lifespan in dogs. There is little overlap between my SkeptVet … Continue reading

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AVMA Asks for Comments on Draft Code of Conduct

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) functions mostly as a lobby and PR organization for veterinarians. It is a membership organization and, as such, is beholden to whoever its members are, and the organization is very keen to avoid conflict … Continue reading

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When Should a General Practice Vet Refer Patients to a Specialist?

General practice veterinarians (GPs) are often faced with the question of which services they should provide themselves and which should be left to board-certified specialists. The growing availability of specialty care, the expectations of many pet owners for advanced care … Continue reading

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Evidence Update: What’s New with Cannabis for Pets?

It’s been ten years since my first post on the use of cannabis in dogs and cats. For a while, I regularly covered new research studies, but the number of those has become great enough that keeping up with individual papers is … Continue reading

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Can We Make Dogs Live Forever?

No. Well, that could easily be the shortest SkeptVet blog post ever, but I guess I can’t really leave it there. For one thing, the answer should really be, “Almost certainly no,” since my level of confidence is high but … Continue reading

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Evidence Update: CBD for Arthritis in Dogs

I first began writing about potential medical uses for cannabis products in pets ten years ago. AT the time, there was weak evidence for a few uses in humans, and almost no research evidence in dogs or cats. Since then, I have … Continue reading

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