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Evidence Update: What’s New with Cannabis for Pets?

It’s been ten years since my first post on the use of cannabis in dogs and cats. For a while, I regularly covered new research studies, but the number of those has become great enough that keeping up with individual papers is … Continue reading

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Can We Make Dogs Live Forever?

No. Well, that could easily be the shortest SkeptVet blog post ever, but I guess I can’t really leave it there. For one thing, the answer should really be, “Almost certainly no,” since my level of confidence is high but … Continue reading

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Evidence Update: CBD for Arthritis in Dogs

I first began writing about potential medical uses for cannabis products in pets ten years ago. AT the time, there was weak evidence for a few uses in humans, and almost no research evidence in dogs or cats. Since then, I have … Continue reading

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Are Dogs & Cats Living Longer?

The general trend for life expectancy in humans has been upward for a long time. Improvements in nutrition, sanitation, and both therapeutic and preventative medical care have led to humans today living longer and healthier lives than at any time … Continue reading

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From TikTok- Thoughts on Canine Vaccine Hesitancy

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Canine Vaccine Hesitancy: The Fight Against Anti-vaccine Misinformation Goes On

For many years now, I have fought against the encroachment of anti-vaccine misinformation and fears into veterinary medicine. I have written blog posts and journal articles on the subject, and I’ve discussed vaccine hesitancy in podcasts, on YouTube, and at veterinary conferences.  It has long been … Continue reading

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Dr. Karen Becker Pleads for Freedom from Criticism

One of the least reliable sources of veterinary information the internet, Dr. Karen Becker, is at it again.  In a recent FB post, she implies that my criticism of her anti-science claims, her promotion of unscientific, unproven, and ineffective therapies, … Continue reading

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Evidence Update: Seresto Flea & Tick Collars

A couple of years ago, I wrote about the wave of concern over the safety of Seresto flea and tick collars, prompted by a sloppy bit of fear-mongering journalism. My conclusion at the time was: There are undoubtedly some risks to … Continue reading

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The VetMind Podcast

Had a nice chat with the folks at the VetMind Podcast recently about veterinary medicine, aging, and life in general!

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Diarrhea Part 3- What to do…

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