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Aging in the Dog: Presentation at the Fetch Kansas City Conference

Aging in the Dog:Foundations of Canine Geriatric Medicine What is aging?How we define aging depends on our goals and our frame of reference. From the biomedical perspective of the veterinary clinician, the important elements are: The passage of time Deleterious … Continue reading

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Canine Aging and Health Posts from Loyal

As part of my work as Director of Veterinary Medicine for Loyal, a company studying therapies to extend lifespan and delay or prevent age-associated disease in dogs, I am writing regular blog posts. Many of these concern canine aging, though … Continue reading

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Raw Diets and Allergies-SkeptVet and DogRisk Exchange Letters in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine

In March of this year, I wrote a post discussing the limitations and misleading conclusions of a research study in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine (JVIM) which claimed that feeding puppies a raw diet could reduce the risk of allergies later … Continue reading

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Facebook Live Interview on Canine Aging with Dr. Hannah Capon of Canine Arthritis Management

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Book Review- Age Later by Dr. Nir Barzilai

Dr. Nir Barzilai is a well-known researcher and advocate for longevity studies. He is an MD and the founder or driving force behind many geroscience institutes and initiatives. In 2020, he also became one of a growing number of scientific … Continue reading

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Managing Sepsis: A Rational Approach & the Vitamin C Controversy

IntroductionSepsis is currently defined as a life-threatening organ dysfunction secondary to a dysregulated physiologic response to infection. There are widely used, evidence-based guidelines for diagnosis and management of sepsis in human medicine,1but there is no single guideline or consensus statement … Continue reading

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Recent Canine Aging Science Articles

If my posts have seemed few and far between lately, one of many reasons is I have been busily typing away producing some scientific publications in my new focus area- canine aging science. My collaborators and I have produced several … Continue reading

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Are Vegan Diets Healthier for Dogs & Cats?

IntroductionGiven the media frenzy the article has kicked off, it is unlikely very many people are unaware of a recent study reported in the journal PLOS One that claims to show vegan diets are healthier for dogs and cats than … Continue reading

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Do Dogs Like Music? (Evidence Update)

Over the roughly 13 years I have been writing this blog, I have covered quite a few different topics, though with all I have maintained the central theme of evaluating claims about pet health from a science-based perspective. Part of … Continue reading

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Does eating a Raw Diet as a Puppy Reduce later Allergy Risk?

I have written many times about the controversial subject of raw diets for dogs. The bottom line, based on existing evidence, is there are no proven health benefits to these diets and several well-documented risks, including infectious disease and nutritional … Continue reading

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