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Faces of Vaccine Denialism

Been seeing a lot of these folks lately….  

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Jimmy Kimmel Gets Hate Mail (I feel your pain, Jimmy)

I review my own hate mail here from time to time (I’m actually overdue for another summary, so stay tuned). I totally get what Jimmy’s dealing with here!    

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Jimmy Kimmel–oh, and some Doctors–Talk About Vaccination

I think we need a veterinary version of this video. Who’s with me?!    

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The Fence-Learn to Love Nuance, Complexity, and Ambivalence

From the only humanist, atheist, skeptic rock star out there, Tim Minchin!  

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Choosing Wisely-The Video

Here is some good advice about overdiagnosis and overtreatment–with a beat!! 🙂

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Hilarious Takedown of Dr. Oz & Big Supplement’s Lobbying Against Public Health Regulation

John Oliver of Last Week Tonight (formerly of The Daily Show) provides a thoughtful, informative, and very funny report on the recent grilling of Dr. Mehmet Oz by Senator Claire McCaskill ansd the shameful success of the supplement industry lobbying … Continue reading

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Liberals not Immune to Science Denialism

This should be mandatory viewing in every Starbucks, Pilates class, and Whole Foods in America!     The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook

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Evidence Update-Importance of Vitamin D Supplementation Revealed

Over the years, I have been skeptical of the safety and value of vitamin suppkements. However, a new study in the Medical Journal of Australia has finally set me straight. I’m off to stock up on Vitamin D tablets! Hopkinson … Continue reading

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An Evidence-Based Medicine Anthem?

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