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Dental Disease in Dogs and Cats: Does Treatment Improve Health?

A reader recently asked me about the evidence supporting recommended therapy for dental disease in dogs. This is has become a common question given the increasing awareness among pet owners that dental disease is a real and important health problem, … Continue reading

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CellBIO: Another Dubious Lab Test from Hemopet and Dr. Jean Dodds

Dr. Jean DoddsI have, unfortunately, had to write about Dr. Jean Dodds many times over the years. She has undergone a depressing transformation from a pioneer in transfusion medicine to a shameless promoter of dubious or bogus alternative medical ideas. … Continue reading

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Screening Tests and Pre-Anaesthetic Bloodwork in Veterinary Patients: Issues & Evidence

A perennially hot topic in human medicine is the risks and benefits of screening tests. Blood tests, imaging (like CT scans) and other diagnostic tests are usually seen by the general public as only beneficial. How could it be a … Continue reading

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Supraglan Replaced By Adrenal Harmony Gold: Different Ingredients, Same Empty Promises

Note. Updated with correction Jan. 30, 2013 (see below) One of the most widely read, and controversial, reviews I have written was for an herbal combination product called Supraglan which was marketed to treat hyperadrenocorticism, also known as Cushing’s Disease … Continue reading

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Coffee Enemas for Pets: A Very Dangerous Idea!

The therapies I write about range widely from the likely beneficial, to the plausible but mostly untested and over-marketed, to the implausible and even completely ridiculous. The subject of this post is in the last category, and it is a … Continue reading

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From SBM: The Top Ten Pet Supplements–Do They Work?

From Science-Based Medicine: The Top Ten Pet Supplements–Do They Work? An Embarrassment of Riches? Much has been written here about the dietary supplement industry, a multibillion dollar industry with powerful political connections, and about the woeful inadequacy of regulation which … Continue reading

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Milk Thistle in Dogs and Cats

Milk thistle is an herbal product that is widely recommended and used by veterinarians. Like glucosamine, it is a supplement which has leapt over the gap between alternative and conventional medicine. Unfortunately, like glucosamine, this acceptance has come about on … Continue reading

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Cognitive Dissonance In Action: Glucosamine No Matter What!

I’ve discussed cognitive dissonance previously. Briefly, it is the unpleasant feeling that comes from a conflict between beliefs, and its most typical manifestation is a powerful ability to rationalize away evidence that contradicts what we believe. Rather than experience the … Continue reading

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From ACVIM Forum 2010–Poster: Antibodies to Feline Vaccines

I’m currently attending the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) continuing education forum, followed by the Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine Association (EBVMA) symposium, and between lectures, labs, and other events I’m going to try and post tidbits of interest I … Continue reading

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Stem Cell Therapies in Veterinary Medicine: Where are We Now?

I’ve written about stem cell therapies numerous times over the years, though not for quite a while. My conclusions were always along the lines of “promising but unproven.” This is one of those perfectly plausible therapies that I expect will … Continue reading

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