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Dr. Karen Becker Pleads for Freedom from Criticism

One of the least reliable sources of veterinary information the internet, Dr. Karen Becker, is at it again.  In a recent FB post, she implies that my criticism of her anti-science claims, her promotion of unscientific, unproven, and ineffective therapies, … Continue reading

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CellBIO: Another Dubious Lab Test from Hemopet and Dr. Jean Dodds

Dr. Jean DoddsI have, unfortunately, had to write about Dr. Jean Dodds many times over the years. She has undergone a depressing transformation from a pioneer in transfusion medicine to a shameless promoter of dubious or bogus alternative medical ideas. … Continue reading

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A Critical Analysis of a Study of Essential Oils and Apipuncture—Oh, Forget It, This is Just Ridiculous….

I recently ran across a prime example of lousy science done solely for the purpose of propping up alternative-medicine beliefs or practices. Good science aims to discover what is true, not simply buttress one’s existing beliefs or provide marketing material … Continue reading

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NAET-A cure for allergies (NOT!)

I have mentioned Dr. Deva Khalsa before, hawking magic water, making unsubstantiated claims about the health value of garlic, and so on. However, I recently ran across an article written by her in the pseudo-journal Integrative Veterinary Care (IVC) which … Continue reading

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New Studies Show Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Helps Treat Concussion, but no more than Placebo Treatment

I’ve written previously about the evidence concerning hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). There are a few specific conditions for which there is reasonable evidence HBOT is a useful therapy. Unfortunately, it is becoming something of a fad treatment in veterinary medicine, … Continue reading

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Tumexal: Wonder Drug or Snake Oil?

Introduction Cancer is a common disease in our pets just as it is in humans, though not necessarily for the reasons often claimed by proponents of alternative medicine. While there are certainly environmental triggers for many cancers, smoking being a … Continue reading

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Intravenous Vitamin C for Cancer Treatment in Pets

Introduction Vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) is a micronutrient found in many foods. Interestingly, it is essential for primates and guinea pigs, but not for any other mammals since most species can manufacture it from other substances in … Continue reading

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Nativis Voyager–A “Revolutionary” New Cancer Therapy for Dogs?

The Nobel Disease is a well-known tongue-in-cheek reference to the apparent tendency of Nobel laureates, who have obviously made substantial legitimate contributions to scientific knowledge, to develop strong irrational attachments to questionable theories or outright pseudoscience in their later years. … Continue reading

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The Danger of Choosing Alternative Therapies over Conventional Care

One of the most common responses to criticisms of alternative medicine is that, whether it is effective or not, at least it can’t do any harm. There is ample evidence, unfortunately, that this is not true. Any therapy with a … Continue reading

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Ozone Therapy for Pets

I’ve recently run across some advertising for the wonders of ozone therapy in pets. This is a treatment that hasn’t caught on much in veterinary medicine (fortunately), but I thought I’d take a look at it before it becomes the … Continue reading

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