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British Vets Denounce Homeopathy-But Refer Clients for it Anyway?

This is a guest post from a colleague in the United Kingdom, Arlo Guthrie As the editor of, the leading online community for veterinary surgeons in the UK, I thought it would be interesting to assess British vets’ attitudes to … Continue reading

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Pressure Wraps for Anxiety in Dogs

Here is another excellent, informative post from contributing author and dog trainer Kyzyl. Pressure Wraps for Anxiety and Fearful Behavior Fear is a set of evolutionarily important behaviors for animals.  Fear often keeps animals alive in a dangerous world by … Continue reading

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Behavior, Expectation, and the Meaning of “Effective”

This is a guest post from an author who I hope will become a regular contributer. I’ll let her introduce herself: “Kyzyl is a Ph.D. candidate in biology at a public university on the west coast and a member of … Continue reading

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Guest Post from Alison Averis–The Rise of Equine CAM in the UK

Alison has offerred another interesting piece that offers insight into the role of CAM therapies in equine medicine “across the pond.” I’m not sure whether to be comforted or saddened by the fact that the retreat from rationality and the … Continue reading

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Nice Post on Equine CAM by Alison Averis

Being a small animal  vet, I don’t have much first-hand experience with equine CAM. But our recent guest blogger, Alison Averis, is very involved in equine issues, and she has a nice article in the Equine Independant on judging alternative claims … Continue reading

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Fooling Yourself-A Guest Post By Alison Averis

A reader recently sent me an account of a case which demonstrates the placebo effect by proxy and the general unreliability of our subjective assessments of medical interventions. Her story is engaging and nicely illustrates these common issues, and she has … Continue reading

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