As a practicing veterinarian, I am personally and professionally devoted to promoting real, beneficial medical therapies for companion animals, and to discouraging those approaches that have not proven to be safe or effective, or that may even be harmful. I strive for true open-mindedness, but I believe all medical practices must be open to critique and must be validated by reliable science, not merely tradition, intuition, opinion, or anecdote. In this blog I will be addressing the broad range of philosophical, ethical, economic, legal, political, and most of all scientific issues raised by complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), particularly as it is applied to veterinary medicine.


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  1. skeptvet says:

    I’m glad the blog is useful for you!

  2. Mike Lehrer says:

    I just acquired a 7 week old black lab from a breeder in Minnesota. He guaranteed
    his dogs for progressive retinal atrophy, hip and elbow dysplasia for 25 months.
    He also recommended using NuVet Plus tablets as a supplement, but not as a condition
    for his guarantee.
    After reading your article, I’m not sure if using NuVet would be wise. I would appreciate your guidance.
    Mike L.

  3. skeptvet says:

    Well, as I say in the article, there is virtually no information to support claims of safety or effectiveness, and I don’t generally recommend supplements that haven’t been scientifically tested in any real way. Whether they will cause any problems is just as unclear as whether they might have some benefits, but it is certainly not necessary to provide such supplements to have a healthy dog.

  4. Sue Jaske says:

    I have a Schnazer that is 10, she has CHF and a enlarged heart, would Protandim help her?

  5. skeptvet says:

    There is no research evidence at all to suggest Protandim would be helpful for your dog. If you have not already done so, I would suggest consulting a veterinary cardiologist.

  6. Sue Jaske says:

    My dog already takes up to 6 Lasix a day and a heart pill am and pm and she does this coughing sound like she is choking, Vet says it’s because of her CHF, what do you thing? Would the Protandim help her?

  7. skeptvet says:

    Sorry, but as I discuss in my article about Protandim there is no good reason to believe it is helpful for any condition in dogs.

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