Funny for Some of You

(From Veterinarians Behaving Badly. Hasn’t happened to me yet, but I’ve been taken to task, and others I know have been banned for expressing their critical thinking)

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10 Responses to Funny for Some of You

  1. Mike LoSasso says:

    Seriously? Banned from VIN? So much for open, honest discourse…

  2. Christine says:

    Well done – awesome.

  3. Art says:

    Will need to check vin to see if brennnen got the boot from Paul. I view vin and the avma as two peas in the same pod. Both controlled by those who make their living promoting unproven medical care as the standard of care . Both willing to muzzle those veterinarians who remind paying members what the FDA definition of health fraud is.
    Art Malernee dvm
    Fla lic 1820

  4. Art says:

    Brennen and Nadia seem to be posting away on the vin alternative medicine section.
    Art Malernee dvm

  5. Art says:

    Only one I read about after checking again on vin that was promoted to have been booted off vin last year was barfer Tom. Who made the joke up? Avma’s Noah makes three vets sign off when you get booted off. In the past paul pion made up his own removal rules after removal of members so one never knew what got you booted off because the rules were not written anywhere. It would be interesting to watch the membership of either organization vote on removing members letting members defend themselves in a open forum.
    Art Malernee dvm

  6. skeptvet says:

    Nope, not banned yet. I’ve been chastised a couple of times, which is wy a friend brought the poster to my attention. I know of one doctor who was banned for being critical of alternative medicine, but so far I’ve managed to stay within the somewhat fuzzy bounds.

    The poster was first put up on the Veterinarians Behaving Badly Blog.

  7. Art says:

    Vin has a thread with the picture posted right now but so far questions about what it means have not been answered. Humor can be a real effective tool when fighting quackery.
    Art Malernee dvm

  8. skeptvet says:

    Where is that thread? I can’t find it?

  9. Art says:

    It’s in the ethics folder. A coragious or does not have a clue vet ask four days ago if someone could explain the picture. No one has posted a reply or if they did its been removed.
    Art Malernee fla lic 1820

  10. Art says:

    Someone needs to make a sick joke about its not true that quacks never sleep. This one should get a Darwin award.

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