Skeptvet’s Acupuncture Adventure

I have collected here the various posts written about my experiences taking the Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians training course. This provided an opportunity to take a detailed look at the claims and evidence made for acupuncture outside of the realm of Chinese folk medicine.

Introduction- My views on acupuncture at the start of the course

Claims and Evidence Regarding Points and Channels

Approaching the Evidence for Medical Acupuncture

Acupuncture and Spinal Cord Injury

Acupuncture and Anesthesia/Analgesia

Acupuncture and Neuromodulation of Cranial Nerves

Themes in the Approach to the Evidence for Acupuncture

Myofascial Trigger Points-Real or Imaginary?

The Hand’s-on Training and Wrap-Up

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3 Responses to Skeptvet’s Acupuncture Adventure

  1. FP says:

    hi, just stumbled upon your blog tonight. thank you for going through an acupuncture course to back-up your convictions! look forward to you undertaking other studies and sharing your thoughts!

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