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Unregulated Herbal Products and Supplements Send 23,000 People to the Emergency Room Annually in the U.S.

Many times, I have written about the risks of herbal remedies and dietary supplements, and about the folly of not regulating these and requiring the scientific testing for safety and efficacy that is required of real medicine (e.g. 1, 2, 3, … Continue reading

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More Faith Healing Masquerading as “Holistic Veterinary Medicine”

I’ve often written about the problem of confusing religion with medicine. In religion, one is allowed to make any claims one likes, and the only evidence required is faith. In medicine, one is required to provide evidence to support claims … Continue reading

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Canine Nutrigenomics by Dr. Jean Dodds: Science as Windowdressing

Introduction A number of readers have asked me to review a recent book on canine nutrition: Canine Nutrigenomics: The New Science of Feeding Your Dog for Optimum Health The book has two authors. One is Diana Laverdure, a self-described “canine … Continue reading

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Dr. Karen Becker Offers Some Classic Veterinary Detox Quackery

Yesterday, I wrote about some environmental chemicals that may play a role in causing disease. While this sort of environmental risk factor is a real and recognized phenomenon supported by good science, it can easily be cited to lend support … Continue reading

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What You Know that Ain’t Necessarily So: Antibiotics, Endocarditis, & Dentistry

I recently gave a lecture at the Western Veterinary Conference called “What You Know that Ain’t Necessarily So.” The purpose of this was to take some common or controversial beliefs and practices in veterinary medicine and discuss the scientific evidence … Continue reading

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The State of Science-Based and Alternative Veterinary Medicine Today

Prompted by Dr. Hall’s recent assessment of the state of science-based medicine in Australia, I thought it was time to offer a “state of the profession” update on how science-based and evidence-based medicine in the veterinary field are doing in … Continue reading

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Is There a Blood Test for Cancer in Dogs & Cats?

I am often asked by clients if there is a blood test that can tell if their apparently healthy pet has cancer. Obviously, “cancer” is a scary word, and many of the various diseases given that label are difficult to … Continue reading

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JustFoodForDogs Brings Us Some Classic Marketing Masquerading as Science

I have written about the issue of homemade pet diets here several times (1, 2, 3, 4). They are appealing to some owners because they appear more “natural” than commercial dry or canned diets, which is supposed to imply they … Continue reading

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Use of Leeches in Veterinary Medicine

I recently received an email promoting one of the strangest therapies I’ve looked into while writing this blog—leeches. 10 FACTS HOW LEECHES HELP DOGS! 1.         Leeches a new wave in alternative animal medicine? No way! Over 3000 years ago leeches … Continue reading

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Pets–What’s The Evidence?

I recently participated in a couple of discussions on a veterinary web forum about hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and evidence-based medicine. This technique is being heavily promoted with confident claims of scientifically proven benefits.  I thought, then, that I would … Continue reading

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