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Integrating Myths and Nonsense with Standard Advice for Allergic Pets

I hear a lot of claims from clients about the cause and treatment of their pets’ allergies that sound like myths or misunderstandings to me, and I expect that. Obviously, a huge part of my job is educating my clients. … Continue reading

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Raw Diets for Pets: Still No Evidence of Benefit but a Real Risk of Harm

I’ve written before about raw diets for pets, and at the time my conclusions were these (see the previous articles for details 1, 2): 1. The theoretical arguments presented to support feeding raw diets to dogs and cats are mostly … Continue reading

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A Few Common Pro-CAM Arguments and Some Possible Responses

In addition to substantive arguments about evidence, clinical studies, and underlying biological or physical rationale, many arguments between supporters and skeptics of veterinary CAM involve myths, stereotypes, logical fallacies, and other rhetorical devices or conceptual errors unrelated to the actual … Continue reading

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Pet Food Nutrition Myths

I’ve previously written an analysis of one of the most popular veterinary nutrition myths, the idea that cats and dogs should eat raw food. I was recently asked by one of my colleagues to address a couple of other veterinary … Continue reading

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The David and Goliath Myth

CAM proponents often present a picture of the relationship between CAM and mainstream medicine that is as dramatic as it is fanciful, and it bears a resemblance to the myth of David and Goliath. Scientific medicine is portrayed as a … Continue reading

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