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Evidence Update–Is Surgery Really Necessary for Dogs with Cruciate Ligament Ruptures?

A couple of years ago, I wrote about the question of whether or not surgery was better than medical management for dogs with cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) disease. Here was my conclusion at that time: As is almost always the … Continue reading

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Is Surgery Really Necessary for Dogs with Ruptured Cruciate Ligaments

In a recent article concerning an herbal product used for treatment of a dog with a ruptured cranial cruciate ligament (the equivalent of the “ACL” in humans), I stated, “Surgery is the treatment of choice for a ruptured cruciate ligament. … Continue reading

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What are Screening Tests, and Should You Use them?

What is Screening?Screening is the use of diagnostic tests in apparently healthy individuals with no clinical symptoms.1-2The purpose is to detect asymptomatic disease with the presumption that this allows earlier, more effective intervention and will reduce suffering and delay or … Continue reading

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Low-level Laser Treatment does not Improve Healing after TPLO Surgery in Dogs

I have been covering the subject of low-level, or “cold” laser treatment for many years. While there is some plausibility to the idea that laser light might have beneficial effects on tissue, very little convincing evidence of actual benefits in … Continue reading

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Selected Effects of Neutering in German Shepherd Dogs

As part of my ongoing surveillance of evidence concerning the benefits and risks of neutering, I have identified a new study on the subject. Hart, B. L., Hart, L. A., Thigpen, A. P. and Willits, N. H. (2016). Neutering of … Continue reading

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WVC 2016: Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment

Here are the notes and slides from my presentation on Overdiagnosis. WHAT IS OVERDIAGNOSIS? A 5 year-old Labrador retriever presents for an acute cranial cruciate ligament rupture. Otherwise, the dog is healthy in every way with no clinical symptoms other … Continue reading

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Routine Vaccinations for Dogs & Cats: Trying to Make Evidence-based Decisions

Introduction As part of my effort to practice medicine based solidly in scientific evidence, I regularly review my own practices and recommendations and make adjustments as seems indicated by new evidence. The quantity and quality of scientific research in veterinary … Continue reading

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Potential Risks of Neutering and Age at Neutering for Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers

A number of interesting and important research studies have been published in the last 5 years on the subject of the risks and benefits of neutering in dogs, and these have provided important information to help guide veterinarians and owners … Continue reading

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Benefits and Risks of Neutering, an Evidence Update: Study Investigates Effects of Neutering in Golden Retreivers

Given that I recently presented a couple of evidence-updates on the subject the health effects of neutering, the timing was excellent for the release last week of a new research study looking at the same issue. Torres de la Riva … Continue reading

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Chamomile Tea for Arthritis in Dogs

I recently had a case which illustrates alternative therapies commonly present themselves in my daily practice. A patient, an older large breed dog, came in for an annual exam. He was in good general health but moderately overweight, and the … Continue reading

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