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The Mysterious Vanishing Placebo Effect?

I have written about the placebo effect before, but a recent update to a Cochrane review entitled Placebo Interventions for All Conditions has prompted me to revisit the subject. It has been clear for some time that the so-called placebo … Continue reading

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The Ethics of the Placebo Effect

There are many reasons why therapies which don’t actually have a physical effect on a disease may appear to work anyway (an extensive list of which can be found under Can We Trust Clinical Experience? at my website). One of … Continue reading

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Evidence Update: Leap Years Anti-aging Supplement Study

Back in January of 2023 I reviewed claims for a purported anti-aging supplement for dogs called Leap Years. My conclusion at the time was- Leap Years is similar to most veterinary supplements on the market: It is based on some plausible ideas … Continue reading

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Science, Science Denial, & Drug Development- A response to Dr. Judy Morgan

As I’ve mentioned previously, in the last four years I have continued my clinical practice while also working for Loyal, a biotechnology company pursuing FDA approval of drugs to extend health lifespan in dogs. There is little overlap between my SkeptVet … Continue reading

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Evidence Update: What’s New with Cannabis for Pets?

It’s been ten years since my first post on the use of cannabis in dogs and cats. For a while, I regularly covered new research studies, but the number of those has become great enough that keeping up with individual papers is … Continue reading

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Acute Diarrhea in Dogs- Resources

SkeptVet PostsMetronidazole for Acute Diarrhea in Dogs: An Evidence-based Treatment? Chinese Herb vs Metronidazole for Diarrhea in Dogs: An Example of the Problems with Alternative Medicine Research Probiotic Fortiflora: Not apparently very helpful in preventing diarrhea in shelter animals Encouraging … Continue reading

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Hate Mail- 2023 Edition

Back in February, I announced that I had received the VIN Veritas Award in recognition of my efforts to promote science-based pet health and combat misinformation about veterinary medicine. Subsequent to that announcement, I have also received a lot of kind and … Continue reading

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Evidence Update- A Systematic Review of Diets & Dietary Supplements for Arthritis in Dogs and Cats (TL;DR- Can we please stop giving them glucosamine?!)

One of the most common topics over the lifetime of this blog has been treatments for osteoarthritis in dogs and cats. I’ve talked about pharmaceuticals, acupuncture, electromagnetic fields, laser, and other treatments, but the bulk of the articles have addressed the most popular over-the-counter (OTC) … Continue reading

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Evidence-based Veterinary Palliative and Hospice Care: Can We Get There?

EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINEThere are many characterizations of evidence-based medicine (EBM),1–3 but nearly all include the following core elements: Figure 1. Hierarchy of evidence, from most available and least reliable at the bottom to most reliable and least available at the top.4 EBM … Continue reading

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PEMF (Assisi Loop) for Separation Anxiety in Dogs- A new Study

A recurring topic here over the years has been pulsed electromagnet field therapies. I have reviewed evidence concerning these in 2009 and 2020 (twice), and my conclusions have always been- The therapy is biologically plausible The evidence is weak The claims for these devices … Continue reading

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